Designer: Franz Couderc ; Artists: Nguyen Vu and Gabriel Iacono

Martial Art is a subtle game of confrontation and brutally effective hand-to-hand combat, transforming each player to a master of their chosen fighting art, from capoeira and kung fu to bare-knuckle boxing.


Dynamic and incredibly efficient, Martial Art reflects the fighters' ability to think and adapt. With simple and precise rules, each player's movement is executed with the fluidity of the masters of combat.


Designer: Franz Couderc ; Artist :  Gabriel Iacono

based on the license of Rémy Charon, Vincent Da Silva and Gabriel Iacono

The best Smashers in the Universal League join the game and fight to become a part of the Legend.

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Designer : Vivien LEGRAND-MURILLO

Will you be able to withstand the night shift in the E.R.?

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