Our Partners


GGE is a Transmedia Production company, similar to what exists for cinema or music. It works alongside media authors, transforming their vision into projects with the potential to become major media franchises.

GGE builds the financing structure of the project in order to reduce risks and participates in the production process in order to have an optimum quality. GGE uses its network of experts to create the best team for each project.

JyDe met with GGE in February 2019. Since then we have been working together to develop the best board games.

ORA GAMES realizes different cross and transmedia game projects within its science fiction license UNIVERSAL LEGENDS. Video games, board games and comic books, players will be able to discover through these media the many legends that have shaped the cosmos.

JyDe met ORA GAMES at the FIJ 2019 Cannes nights Off. This meeting marked the beginning of our transformation. We have multiple projects together, a first board game Smash Ball Tournament, and a roleplaying game project Chaos Sphere.



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