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Designers : Michel Gonzalvez and Christophe Lauras

Artist :  Dominique Peyronnet


In DrawBot, players take on the role of robot designers in the world-famous DrawBot Factory. They compete against each other to fulfill customer orders as quickly as possible - all in order to become the greatest designer in the Factory’s history!

DrawBot is a Roll & Write board game in which all players take their actions simultaneously with the roll of the dice. As a robot designer, the player aims to fulfill a customer’s order before anyone else by assembling the available robot parts within the least amount of time.

Thanks to its accessible and dynamic game mechanics - favoring creativity and player interaction - prospective robot designers of any age will uncover a fast-paced and fun game with DrawBot.



Game Content :
• 4 Different Dice
• 32 Cards
• 100 Factory Sheets


Factory Sheet

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