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Gilles Barault

Fan of Medieval Fantasy and Sci-Fi, of comics (Lanfeust de Troy, Marvel), retro-gaming adept, he plays Magic, Res Arcana and Terraforming Mars. This drawing enthusiast illustrated the 3 games of the Dare range.


Valériane Duvivier


Passionate about Fantasy and JRPG (FF5, 7 & 9), she likes to draw and play 7 Wonders and Elixir. This fan of Dark Crystal and comics (Mignola, Loisel, Urasawa) is the artist behind Nicolas Flamel's School.


Gabriel Iacono

This sci-fi fan (Alien, The Expanse), dark fantasy (Berserk, Bloodborne, Lovecraft...) and black metal joined the ORA GAMES studio as a partner and draws the charactersnnages from their Universal Legends license. He is the illustrator of The Smashers Coach Battler and the co-illustrator of Martial Art and many more...


Christine Alcouffe

A lifelong fan of Japan, choirs and series, she has been happily illustrating board games since 2017. Give her an Unlock, a Keblo or a Tzolk'in, she should say yes! She is the illustrator of Kingyo.


Molly Heady-Carroll

Molly loves discovering how to match art direction to the spirit of a project through stylization: stripping reality down to the bare essentials and making it better. Molly loves reptiles and owns two leopard geckos. She is the illustrator of Zenibeats.


Asur Misoa

Illustrator specializing in fantasy. His characters and his landscapes are approached with poetry and lightness thanks to soft and colored lights. Bringing wonderful worlds to life, putting fantastic stories into images, allowing a little escape from everyday life, these are his leitmotivs. 

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