Designer : Franz Couderc
Artists : Nguyen Vu and Gabriel Iacono


Martial Art lets players become masters of their chosen martial art, from ancient Asian disciplines such as kung fu or karate to modern variants like capoeira or boxing. Using dynamic and layered game mechanics, the mental fortitude, adaptive skills, and explosive power of an expert fighter get translated to an incredibly engrossing board game.

In Martial Art, the Guardian of the Temple of Equilibrium is searching for a successor. From all over the world, the best fighters are invited to prove their worth and do battle to become the next legendary Guardian. Authorities in their chosen martial art, each contender brings a set of special skills to the arena.

Martial Art offers access to six fighters, each with strong personalities and unique talents, ready to defeat any one who stands in their way in becoming the next Guardian. The fights themselves won’t be easy: the masters will not only have to battle each other in duels, but also with 3 or 4 person free-for-alls where they have to keep going until there is only one fighter left standing. Not only that, players will also have to compete in 2vs2 matches where they not only have to adapt to their opponent, but also their temporary partner.

Equally intuitive for the more casual player, Martial Art aims to bring a surprising amount of depth, allowing it to serve as a tactical platform for competitive players wishing to take their gameplay to the next level.

1 Fighting Area Board

5 Dice

28 Cubes




33 Effect Tokens





24 Action Tokens




6 Fighter Boards

30 Skill Tiles

6 Characters + 6 Stands