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Our Partners


GGE is a Transmedia Production company, similar to what exists for cinema or music. It works alongside media authors, transforming their vision into projects with the potential to become major media franchises.

GGE builds the financing structure of the project in order to reduce risks and participates in the production process in order to have an optimum quality. GGE uses its network of experts to create the best team for each project.

JyDe met with GGE in February 2019. Since then we have been working together to develop the best board games.


Philippe Louvet

Passionate about Sci-Fi in books (Dune), movies (Aliens, Mad Max), comics (Akira, la Caste des Méta-barons, X-men), music fan (Queen, David Bowie), he plays board games (Junta, Blood Bowl) and RPG. Video game producer, he helps us to have a better overview of the projects.


Eldric Guenif

A fan of Sci-Fi (Dune) and contemporary history, he plays board games (Risk!) or video games (Mario Kart). Fascinated by numbers and administrative matters (!), he helps us make our biggest dreams come true.

logo oragames.png

ORA GAMES realizes different cross and transmedia game projects within its science fiction license UNIVERSAL LEGENDS. Video games, board games and comic books, players will be able to discover through these media the many legends that have shaped the cosmos.

JyDe met ORA GAMES at the FIJ 2019 Cannes nights Off. This meeting marked the beginning of our transformation. We have multiple projects together, a first board game Smash Ball Tournament, and a roleplaying game project Chaos Sphere.


Rémy Charon

Passionate about various universes, Final fantasy, Conan the Barbarian, Hokuto no Ken, Star Wars… (a real Geek), he is today the author of the Universal Legends license in which ORA GAMES' projects evolve.


Gabriel Iacono

Berserk, Bloodborne, Lovecraft, ... the darker the fantasy is, the more Gabriel gains levels of passion (and new tattoos). An experienced graphic designer, he designs the characters for the Universal Legends license.


Vincent Da Silva

A lover of sound, ambience and immersion, this purist sound designer only swears by the quality of the spectator experience. A great movie fan, he co-writes the Universal Legends license and ensures all the sound aspects of the projects.


Arcane Circus is a two-person game studio based in the Netherlands. They are the creators of Crap I'm Broke: Out of Pocket and Zenibeasts.


Arcane Circus was established in 2013 by founders Erik van Wace and Molly Heady-Carroll. Combining their shared fascination for art, intrigue and games, they strive to create games that are peculiar, varied, quirky, and lovingly crafted with a strong, creative voice.


The Circus brings together all sorts of curious oddities for your entertainment. 

At your service.


Molly Heady-Carroll

Artist for games & animation. Molly embraces the discovery of matching art direction with the core spirit of a project through stylization: breaking reality down to its essentials and enhancing it. Molly also loves reptiles and has two pet leopard geckos.


Erik van Wace

Designer & Programmer. Connoisseur of playful experiences, including board, card and video games. Enjoys designing impactful atmospheres. Is a generalist at heart and is able to make everything come together effectively.

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