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Author: Franz Couderc; Illustrator:  Gabriel Iacono

  according to the license of Rémy Charon, Vincent Da Silva and Gabriel Iacono

Hey! Hello Coaches! It's me, Smalker, who will guide you through this special edition of the Tournament!

I hope you're ready to fight because the fans are excited!

Your objective for you Coaches will be to send Smashers on the field to give a beating to the opposing team or directly cross the Smash Zone with the ball. In both cases, it works to win a match!

Before each match, the Universal Sponsors (our beloved organizers) will entrust you with Credits. Use them to recruit Smashers. You will of course be able to recruit the famous Legends of Smash Ball, which will ensure you have some tough guys on your team. But ! you will also have to deal with cannon fodder: the Rookies!

Why ? Because you won't have enough credits to recruit only Legends!
At the same time, the goal of the tournament is to give unknown Smashers a chance to reveal themselves to our dear Universal Sponsors (bless them)...
Your objective will therefore be to recruit Smashers at each turn to enlarge your team, to send your selection to face that of an opposing Coach, and of course to win the match. Then you'll start over, until the winner of the tournament is determined!
Have a blast and bring honor to the Universal League!


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