Designer: Christophe Lauras and Jean-François Guerrero ; Artist :  Molly Heady Carroll and Charles Zembillas based on the license of Arcane Circus

The Zenibeasts are back! And it's once again the city of Myopia that is targeted!


Humanity is still wondering why such creatures appeared on our planet! Divine judgment? Extraterrestrial invasion? Military experiments? In any case, the monsters seem to be having fun and are using the buildings like common toys... literally! Our most eminent behaviorists have determined that they were counting points and inventing game rules, like children! But what do they want?

In Zenibeasts you play as... Zenibeasts!

You don't care about the fate of humans, but you care about your ego! You only want one thing, to win against your rivals! After all, you are better than them, it is normal to show it!


And the city of Myopia is the ideal playground for that... Buildings of all kinds, giant screens where you can admire yourself and humans who fix everything between two games. So you and the other Zenibeasts have agreed on a set of rules to determine who destroys the city the best. And how to judge each other? Just look at the media, the one with the most views will obviously be the most popular! Thank you super screens!


From 2 to 4 players, you will compete with ingenuity to destroy Myopia. The city is divided into 36 specific buildings. Destroying them makes you more popular and can also give you powerful powers! Use cards, power-ups and tricks to help you and don't hesitate to send your opponents flying away!


Each of you will be able to unleash attacks on the city, but not just any way! You will only be able to unleash your power if you meet specific conditions. You will have to mark the buildings first, then destroy them when they form a certain pattern! Zenibeast is a game of fighting and organized chaos. It combines the fun aspect of the genre with a strategic management of movements and objectives.

The fun is immediate, and the rivalries between players give rise to epic battles!


1 Fighting Area Board


2 Dice

48 Dibs Markers


30 Moxie Tokens

12 Inspirational Tokens

30 Breaking News Cards

21 Common Building Tiles

12 Inspirational Building Tiles

6 Landmark Building Tiles

12 Headline Cards

3 Rampage Forecast Cards

4 Zeni-Boards

8 Ego Boost Cards

4 Characters + 4 Stands

Set up