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Designer: Christophe Lauras and Jean-François Guerrero ; Artist :  Molly Heady Carroll and Charles Zembillas based on the license of Arcane Circus

Lights, camera, destruction!

Be a Zenibeast, perform devastating attacks and compete for the media spotlight in Zenibeasts Breaking News!


The Zenibeasts act like rowdy children and the city of Myopia is their playground. Settling their rivalries means mere squabbling for the Zenibeasts but utter annihilation for the Myopians! On the plus side... the news ratings have never been higher!

You play as the Zenibeasts: giant monsters with the maturity of four-year olds. Take your pick of Goshiblob, Hagura, Ojira or Mashibuni and let’s find out which species the camera loves best!

Big monsters have big egos. You’re not going to let your rivals win, are you?! Of course not! After all, your species is clearly the best so why not put your rivals in their place? Whilst most giant monsters duke things out Clash-of-the-Titans style, you have to settle things another way.  The city of Myopia is the ideal playground to settle the score: A plethora of buildings to destroy, cameras to capture your best angles and shuddering viewers to witness your carnage. The stage is yours, my friend. You and the other Zenibeasts have agreed on a set of rules to determine who is the most famous. How do you judge each other, you ask? Just look at the media, the one with the most views is obviously the most popular! Thank you, 24K Megascreens!


Outsmart your rivals in this 2 to 4 player game and destroy the city of Myopia in style! The city is divided into 36 specific buildings. Destroying them makes you more popular and can even grant you some powerful abilities! If that fails, don’t hesitate to attack your opponents head-on and send them flying!


Each of you will unleash attacks on the city but plain ol’ carnage won’t do. When you’re competing for the media spotlight, style matters! You will only be able to unleash your power if you meet specific conditions. You will have to call dibs on buildings first before executing your fancy, stylish pattern attack. The bigger the pattern, the more the camera will love you, baby!


Zenibeasts Breaking News is a game of brains and brawn. It offers a unique mix of strategy and action where the reckless can win but the wise will triumph. The fun is immediate and rivalries between players give rise to epic battles!


1 Fighting Area Board


2 Dice

48 Dibs Markers


30 Moxie Tokens

12 Inspirational Tokens

30 Breaking News Cards

21 Common Building Tiles

12 Inspirational Building Tiles

6 Landmark Building Tiles

12 Headline Cards

3 Rampage Forecast Cards

4 Zeni-Boards

8 Ego Boost Cards

4 Characters + 4 Stands

Set up



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