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The Authors 


Franz Couderc

A lover of text songs (Brassens, Ferré, Barbara), and a lover of the rugby-beer duo, he likes Flamme Rouge and Mage Knight. A lover of game mechanics, he is the author of Martial Art and Smash Ball Coach Battler.


Michel Gonzalvez

Fan of Uchrony and video games (Batman Arkham, Overwatch, Deminer), he plays Micro-Mutants, Magic and Stone Age. He is passionate about Tennis and Padel and is one of the designers of Draw Bot.


Lalex Andrea

Passionate about Sci-Fi and Medieval Fantasy in series, books or role-playing games, she plays at Valley of the Mammoths and Splendor. Very eclectic, she especially appreciates positive and funny things. She is the designer of Nicolas Flamel's School.


Christophe Lauras

Passionate about games (King of Tokyo, Evolution), movies (Monty Python and the Holy Grail) and comics (The Watchmen, le Combat Ordinaire), he especially likes to share wine with his friends. Designer of Trolls and Zombie Bus, he is one of the designers of Draw Bot.


Yannick Chabas

A big fan of board games from a very young age, he played games with his family, including The Mysteries of Beijing or Fireball Island. Youth animator, he created his first games for teenagers and then prototypes of games, including Kilim, which he tested at festivals.


Grégory Germain


Fan of gothic universes (Requiem de Ledroit), movies (Wayne's World), series (Preacher, Sons of Anarchy) and Metal (Emperor), he plays Mare Nostrum and Puerto Rico. This guitarist is the designer of Hyde Park.


Alexis Allard

Fascinated by the creation of games, he joined the MALT, a group of game designers in Toulouse.  One of his specialties is the creation of single-player modes. Passionate about Japanese culture and comics, he is the co-author of Kingyo.


Emilien Alquier

Passionate about game mechanics, whether it's party games (Profiler), card games (Magic) or big games (Gloomhaven), his goal is to offer games that bring everyone together of the table. He is the co-author of Kingyo!


Joan Dufour

Loving games since childhood, he naturally started creating and his first game was released in 2017. He is a big fan of indie rock and post punk, and enjoys black and white movies a lot (Alfred Hitchcock, John Huston and Jacques Tourneur).


Jean Francois Guerrero

This epicurean, passionate about the arts (drawing, painting), is a fan of games, some of which can even cause the famous "analysis paralysis": Terraforming Mars, Narak, Clank!, Dice Forge, Res arcana, etc. Involved in various activities, he is one of the authors of Zenibeasts!


Nicholas Matthew


It is the "society" that interests him the most in board games. Whether it's his own or especially the poses of workers, he loves to lose at these games (well sometimes he'd like to win too...). He is the author of Seawtacher. 


Vivien Legrand-Murillo

Fan of Sci-Fi on all media (Alien, Star Wars, Universal War One), Cthulhu adept, he plays Terraforming Mars and Zombie Kidz evolution. This engineer passionate about drawing is the designer of the Panic Hospital project.

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