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Authors: Joan Dufour, Alexis Allard, Christophe Lauras

Illustrator: Maëlle Bonnet


Life has passed peacefully in the prosperous Greek city of Yolcos since Jason brought home the Golden Fleece 80 years ago. But when the locals erect a statue in honor of Zeus the King of the Gods, his brother Poseidon becomes mad with jealousy. He then issues an ultimatum to the people of Yolcos: build him an even more spectacular statue within seven days, otherwise a huge wave will fall on the city. 

To accomplish this quest, Pattie, a clever young mouse, Sam, the timorous cat who adopted her and Chickos, the wacky seagull, board the mythical ship of Jason and his Argonauts. But this crew of former heroes is somewhat aging and the little band of animals will have to face the most formidable mythological creatures in their place and overcome all the dangers!

Pattie and the Wrath of Poseidon is a cooperative game.All together try to appease the Wrath of Poseidon by completing 4 missions without being slowed down by the Cyclopes! If you manage to free Jason from the prison, reprogram Nazar the robot, confront the Hydra and forge the Trident, you win the game. On the other hand, if the Cyclops manage to slow you down and you fail to complete these 4 missions before you run out of cards, you lose the game. 

contents of the box


24 Hero cards

The game board

4 Wrath of Poseidon tokens

8 Cyclops tokens

28 Mission tokens

8 Cyclops cards




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